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  • The reason I chose MSU was because it offered the course that I was interested in. The syllabus enhances my skills. I was intrigued by its high percentage of graduate employability rate at 99%, which assures me of my future job.

    Khairulanam Arsyad Bachelor in Game Design and Animation
  • I chose MSU because of its employability rate. I understand that with MSU I can achieve the job that I wish for. That is because the courses that MSU offers are very comprehensive, and they shape me into a well-rounded individual that suits the requirements of different employers.

    Ooi Chee Yee Bachelor in Public Relation Management
  • Personally, I chose MSU because it is highly rated, and I value variation or diversity. Diversity is important in all aspects of learning. MSU is diverse in its selection of courses, units, co-curriculum activities, clubs and associations, and culture. Being exposed to a wide range of different experiences at MSU helps me prepare for the real industry.

    Rukia Khatib Abdallah Diploma in Counseling and Guidance
  • I chose MSU because it offered the course I wanted to take. It is a university with a five-star rating, which gives me confidence that the quality of the teaching is prioritized. The campus is close to my house, making it easier for me to commute.

    Priwin a/l Sri Morgen Papayah Bachelor in Information Systems Auditing

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